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 Based on the best performances of the national athletic team  athletes achieved during national and international competitions in 2014 the  list of 2014 Best Athletes . 

2013 European Athletics Convention took place in Tallinn on 10-13 October 2013. AAF President Mr. Robert Emmiyan attended the event. On 10 October Tallinn also hosted the Congress of the Association of Balkan Athletic Federations Congress (ABAF). Slovenia, Cyprus and Georgia joined the ABAF to total it with 15 Member Federations (read more here ).


AAF Centenary Gala, Barcelona

2016 Season's Greetings from AAF 

2015 World Athletics Day in Armenia  

February 2015 News 

AAF athletes' results of Feb 2015 international competitions

Arsen Sargsyan participated in the international competition “Russian Winter” with a result 7.48 in LJ on 1 February in Moscow. Amaliya Sharoyan participated in the Russian Indoor Championships with a result 55.19 in 400m on 17 February in Moscow.


Levon Aghasyan, Suren Khachatryan, Satenik Hovhannisyan participated in the IAAF World Junior Championships on 22-27 July 2014 in Eugene. Levon Aghasyan showed result 16.28 in Triple jump (5th place) in Final. Satenik Hovhannisyan showed result 5.66 in Long jump.

Vardan Pahlevanyan showed result 7.56 in Long jump (1st place) at the National Meeting of Argentan in France on 8 June 2014.

Kids' Athetics Competition, May 2014

On 16 February Caucasian Open Cup was held, where Armenian athletes participated. Final's results.


Armenian athletes led by AAF President Mr. Robert Emmiyan participated in Balkan Indoor Championships in Istanbul on 22 February 2014. European Junior Champion Levon Aghasyan took the 1st place with result 16.16 in Triple jump. Satenik Hovhannisyan took the 3rd place with result 12.84 in Triple jump. Results: Women and  Men.

On 18 September 2013 Artashat city stadium hosted Robert Emmiyan Cup international competition (scroll down this page for details).

Levon Aghasyan - EJCh 2013 Champion - European Athletics Junior Championships took place in Rieti /Italy/ on 18-21 July 2013. Levon Aghasyan, Albert Martirosyan, Suren Khachatryan, Satenik Hovhannisyan and Diana Khubeseryan participated in the European Athletics Junior Championships. Levon Aghasyan took the 1st place in the Final in Triple Jump with result 16.01 and became European Junior Champion. Albert Martirosyan achieved result 17.31 in SP, Suren Khachatryan achieved result 46.36 in DT, Satenik Hovhannisyan achieved result 6.04 in LJ, and Diana Khubeseryan achieved result 12.01 in run 100m.

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January- March 2016 News 

Arsen Sargsyan showed result 7.61 in Long jump (3rd place) at the International Athletics Championships in Cluj Napoca (Romania) on 6 June 2014.

2014 World Athletics Day (WAD)

World Athletics Day (WAD) competitions were held on May 10, 2014 in Artashat, Armenia. Male and female athletes from different cities of Armenia (Yerevan, Kapan, Vanadzor, Gyumri, Stepanakert, Ejmiatsin, Artashat) participated in the event with participation of athletes of two age groups (1997-1998 and 1999-2000-2001).  As a tradition, the event was attended by different athletes, coaches, officials and lots of athletic fans. The winners were awarded with certificates, T-shirts, posters and bracelets, while the prize holders of the competitions were awarded certificates, posters and bracelets sent by the IAAF for the successful participation. In Artashat city there were held cross- country races with participation of boys and girls.


European Athletics Association jointly with the UK Athletics organized Seminar “Women in World Athletics” on 4-7 April 2014 in Kenilworth, UK.  The event was attended by female officials from different countries, including Armenia. 

European Athletics Reflection Commission Meeting took place on 4-6 April 2014 in Prague. Members of the Reflection Commission had a series of working discussions of athletics issues and successes.  AAF President Mr. Robert Emmiyan participated in the event. He was elected as Vice-Chairman of  the Reflection Commission.

On 6 April 2014 in Durres (Albania) male athlete Boris Simonov participated in Balkan Half Marathon Championships with a result 1:20:36.











































And in other news

Emmiyan Cup

"Robert Emmiyan Cup 2013" -  On September 18, Artashat city stadium (Armenia) hosted the 12th edition of Robert Emmiyan Cup International competition. The long jumpers from Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Romania and Bulgaria competed at this prestigious annual event. Alexander Petrov of Russia took the 1st place with result 7.90. Vardan Pahlevanyan of Armenia took the 2nd place with result 7.89. Gor Nerkararyan of Armenia took the 3rd place in Long jump with result 7.87. Adrian Vasile of Romania took the 4th place with result 7.86. Arsen Sargsyan of Armenia took the 5th place with result 7.60. Artak Hambardzumyan of Armenia took the 6th place with result 7.51. Ionut Grecu of Romania took the 7th place with result 7.45. Evgeniy Antonov of Russia took the 8th place with result 7.41. Boleslav Skhirtladze of Georgia took the 9th place with result 7.22. Todor Georgiev of Bulgaria took the 10th place with result 6.42. Prior to this traditional tournament, Republican Open Championships of Athletic Youth Sport School of Gyumri city took place in Artashat,with participation of  youth athletes.

"Robert Emmiyan Cup" 2012 

“Robert Emmiyan Cup” International competitions took place on 15 September 2012 in Artashat city. Long jumpers from Armenia, Russia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, and France participated in the tournament.

Darius Aucyna /Lithuania/ took the 1st place and set new record of “Robert Emmiyan Cup” competitions with the result 8.11.


 Pavel Shalin /Russia/ - 8.01 /2-nd place/, Arsen Sargsyan /Armenia/- 7.96 /3-rd place/, Stepan Wagner /Czech Republic/- 7.82 /4-th place/, Kafetien Gomis /France/- 7.64 /5-th place/, Gor Nerkararyan /Armenia/- 7.34 /6-th place/, Vardan Pahlevanyan /Armenia/- 7.32 /7-th place/, Savvas Diakonikolas /Greece/- 7.18 /8-th place/, Jaroslav Dobrovodsky /Slovakia/- 6.98 /9-th place/, Norik Harutyunyan /Armenia/- 6.56 /10-th place/, Todor Georgiev /Bulgaria/- 6.16 /11-th place/, Artak Hambardzumyan /Armenia/ 12-th place, Armen Ghukasyan /Armenia/ 13-th place

September 17, 2011

10th edition of “R. Emmiyan Cup” international competitions took place on September 17, 2011 in Artashat. Long jumpers from different countries participated in the competitions, including men and women athletes from Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, Lithuania, and Bulgaria.

In men’s competitions Vardan Pahlevanyan took the first place with result 8.00 and set a new record of Emmiyan Cup international competitions.

Mykolaitis Povilas /Lithuania/- 7.98 (2nd place)

Dmitrii Ilin /Kyrgyzstan/ - 7.84 (3rd place)

Kirill Agoev /Kazakhstan/- 7.71 (4th place)

Alexandru Cuharenco /Moldova/- 7.65 (5th place)

Jaroslav Dobrovodsky /Slovakia/- 7.63 (6th place)

Gor Nerkararyan /Armenia/ - 7.46 (7-th place)

Evgeny Antonov /Russia/ - 7.44

Arsen Sargsyan /Armenia/-7.35

Nikolay Atanasov /Bulgaria/ -7.28

Boleslav Skhirtladze /Georgia/ - 7.41

In women’s competitions Oxana Zhukovskaya /Russia/ took the first place with result 6.58.

Magdalena Hristova /Bulgaria/ - 6.24 (2nd place)

Amaliya Sharoyan /Armenia/- 6.18 (3rd place)

Kristina Damyanova /Bulgaria/- 6.08 (4th place)

Lyudmila Grankovskaya /Kazakhstan/ - 6.05 (5th place)

Malin Marmbrandt /Sweden/ - 6.02 (6th place)

Anna Telesheva /Armenia/- 5.93 (7th place)

Natalia Cipilencu /Moldova/ -5.84

Satenik Hovhannisyan /Armenia/ -5.83

Nektaria Panayi /Cyprus/ - 5.82